The Golden Era of the Jews of Egypt in Modern Times

And the Mediterranean Option for a United Middle East

This study describes the Golden Era of the Jews of Egypt in Modern Times, analyzing the historic and social factors leading to this Egyptian-Jews prosperity along the Nile, as well as those that finally brought about its complete decline and to its ethnic cleansing
The Golden and vibrant Era of the Jews of Egypt in Modern Times, contributing largely to Egypt prosperity, had an obvious impact  on the Egyptian Authorities, who supported openly at the time, the Balfour declaration and the concept of a National Jewish Home in Palestine.
Looking toward the future, this study analyzes the "Mediterranean Option" - that merging between Eastern and Western culture, which was the leading factor for coexistence and for the great prosperity of Egypt in the 19th century till the mid-20th – as an eventual alternative for a better future in the Middle-East. This concept is not a new one. As early as in 1908, David Ben-Gurion, recognizing the importance for an independent Jewish State to merge into the region, preached – together with Itzhak Ben-Zvi (who became later the 2nd President of Israel) - for an integration of the Jewish people of Eretz-Israel in the new Ottoman's Community ruling the whole region. In 1939, Ben-Gurion advocated toward "a Jewish State, willing to belong to a future Middle-Eastern Confederation".  In the third millennium, when the 'burning Europe' of WWI and WWII, is merging to become a single identity, Ben-Gurion vision is not a delusion.
This study is bringing too, the sociological aspects of this Jewry: religion, Leisure Time Culture and Women Status, not researched enough yet. A liberal and multicultural society, but yet conservative, as well as vibrant and dynamic.
(translated from Hebrew)
From: Professor Eyal Zisser,
Head of the Faculty of History of the Middle East and Africa
Tel-Aviv University
Dear Levana,
I received with great emotion your book about the Golden Era of the Jews of Egypt, and the Mediterranean Option. Each line in the book shows how much this subject is important for you, and how much you feel committed and involved, and how much you are still living the subject.
I read the book with much interest, and I find it succeeds to bring to the reader a vivid image of a dynamic life of a prosperous Jewish Community. Life which tragically came to an end, as a result of the Israel-Arab conflict, or perhaps before.
I would like to encourage you to continue in your important project, and I am expecting for more of your researches.

From: Professor Shimon Shamir,
Tel-Aviv University

Dear Levana,
I just finished reading your book, the Golden Era of the Jews of Egypt, and I feel like congratulating you for the nice and interesting way, you concluded those complicated and pluralistic subjects…
My congratulations for this creation, as well as for all your activities.
From: Professor Itamar Rabinovitz,
President, Tel-Aviv University

To: Levana Zamir,
Thank you for your important book, and my warm congratulations for its publishing.
From: Dr. Yossi Amitay,
Department for Studies of  the Middle East,
Ben-Gurion University, in the Neguev

Hi, Levana.
Just a glance to your book's subjects, promises an interesting book and important subjects to learn about, not only in relation to the past, but also to the future. During the next days I will take the pleasure to read the book, bringing subjects which are close to my heart and to my academic activities.

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